Stern work platforms are available for HD boat lifts. They are constructed with a 24 x 26 inch grating platform that extends 4 feet 6 inches beyond the lift beam. Stern platforms make changing the propeller or removing the drain plug a snap.

Wireless Radio Remote Controls

These remote controls are designed for use in a marine environment. Remote controls are available for all electric boat lifts installed by American Boat Lifting Systems and will also adapt to most boat lifts on the market today. Operational range of the radio is approximately one hundred feet. There are two basic styles of remote controls. Standard remote: runs up or down as long as the transmitter button is pressed. Release the button to stop the boat lift.Remote with automatic stops: In the auto mode, press the transmitter's up or down button and the boat lift will start. Release the button and the boat lift will continue to run until either the stop button is pressed or the boat lift reaches the limit stops. In jog mode, the remote will operate the same as the standardmodel mode.


Stainless Steel Cable Drums are available as an upgrade on all HD and S model lifts. This option is recommended for hi-use lifts in a heavy salt environment.


Magnum Boat Lifts are available with the optional E-Gear upgrade.The E-Gear consist of a direct input gearbox with a fully enclosed fan-cooled motor. This design results in a more compact unit requiring less space on the dock. This is especially beneficial in marinas or on narrow docks where space is at a premium.
​The motor is mounted higher on the piling, well out of the way of high tides.There are no exposed moving parts. Operation is smooth and quiet with a constant lubrication system.The Hefty Hoist E-Gear is a purpose built unit designed and intended for use on boat lifts. The warranty is two years on the drive unit and two years on the electrical system. 


davits can be used for lifting small boats and singles are ideal for lifting jet skis or live boxes and rotating them over the dock or seawall.The davits are constructed using rectangular box tubing and are available with either manual safety winches or electric winches.The davits are capable of rotating 360 degrees and are available in 800 and 1500 pound capacities.


American Boat Lifting Systems offers five-step and seven-step T6061 aluminum lifting ladders. The unique design of the lifting ladder prevents marine growth on the rungs. The functional design of these ladders is enhanced by the satin finish of the hand rails and the craftsmanship displayed in the fit and finish of the slide rails.